Mistresses of Metal Exclusive Interview with Dave “Wave” Bridges of Helldorado

M.O.M: Hi, Dave! How long have you been playing, and how did you become a musician?
Dave: I have been playing all my life. Story is,when I came home, I used to kick my foot against the wall to the beat of the music as a baby. In fourth grade, I tried out for band on the “short bus” (lol) back when they only let six kids play in band, and I got to start playing then. I started out on drums, but moved to the woodwind instruments quickly, playing the clarinet, saxophone, and pretty much any instrument I picked up. But I still loved the drums, and kept on them until I picked up a guitar-then it was over from there.
M.O.M: How did you hook up with Helldorado?
Dave: Dustin and I met years ago, and played in a band called Crackerjack Tattoo. After years of playing, we parted ways, and I went to Portland for a couple of years to “find myself as a bass player.” My incredible wife was talking to Dustin when we were planning on coming back, and he was telling her about his dream, and wanted me in it. The rest is History. Total credit to her!!!! Well, maybe a little to my bass playing. (Lol)
M.O.M: That leads right into my next question. Do you get alot of support of your music career from your family, and who gives you the most support and inspiration?
Dave: My family is INCREDIBLE with what they put up with, between me working nights, and the nights I have off, I have practice or shows. I could never say enough about the love and help they give me. My wife Tracey keeps me going when I think I can’t, and I love her so much for keeping me going on this HARD path!!!
M.O.M: Alot of work goes into the live show, from beginning to end. What is a typical “show day” like for you?
Dave: ALOT of pacing! (Lol) You would think I would sleep in, and kinda screw around, saving it all for the show, but damn it, I wake up early, and of course I got everything ready the day before, so then I do alot of pacing. Funny, when we all get together before the show, and talk about how we wish we could’ve slept in and all that, but I’m serious, thinking about what I’m gonna do, going over songs, getting my bass looking all good, and drinking lots of water. Gotta stay hydrated!
M.O.M: Do you have a specific pre-show ritual?
Dave: About an hour before we go on, I escape and wash my hands, get the blood moving good, then play for at least 20 minutes, then a shot, and back to the room to get my head ready, and hang with the boys and get the energy going.
M.O.M: What venue has been your favorite place to play so far?
Dave: Hard to not say The Knitting Factory at our CD Release Show, where we played to a PACKED house, and -oh, wait- we played 3 shows full of locals only, that packed that 1500 person venue!
M.O.M: What would you say has been the coolest thing that has happened for Helldorado so far, or for you personally, as a member of Helldorado?
Dave: It’s really hard to say one specific thing at this point. Every day you wake up to a cool new thing. Just this morning, I wake up to hear a radio station in Minnesota played our song “Fade Away” on their show CRANK IT, OR YANK IT, and we got 100% rating for CRANK IT!!!! How cool is that?!? We live in Washington state!!! Our friends in Element A440 sent us a pic of us on their radio down in AZ, and that’s EVERY DAY! So now you see why I say it’s hard to pick just one time.
M.O.M: Your CD is INCREDIBLE!!! Do you prefer recording time in a studio, or would you rather play a live show?
Dave: I love the studio!!! Something about just you and the engineer, and the magic, but…there is nothig in the world like playing to a bunch of screaming, crazy people!!! The energy you get off the crowd is better than any drug out there! And, thank you- the CD came out great! Jimmy over at Amplified Wax is the man!!! If you want some serious quality, then go see him!
M.O.M: What is your favorite Helldorado song?
Dave: I KNEW you were going to ask that question, and I have been trying to pick…each one is so much fun to play, and listen to, (Yes, I listen to my own CD still. Lol) but if you’re gonna make me pick, “All Eyes On ME”! We picked up the pace a little live, and it frickin’ kicks ass!
M.O.M: It REALLY does!!! Has being in Helldorado changed your life, and in what way?
Dave: It has made me realize that I really am a good bass player, and that I NEED to play music for people. That is really the only “job” I want to do. I am not looking o get rich off of it, I know what really happens, but just the chance to get out and play to new people, and get to meet them, that’s really the best part. Playing up on stage is all cool, but getting down on the floor and meeting people, and seeing them light up ’cause you’re down there shinking their hand and not some asshole that creeps back to his tour bus. The fans are what make it worth doing, ’cause without them, we’re just jamming in Dustin’s basement.
M.O.M: Thanks for the amazing interview, Dave! We really loved talking to you!
Dave: Thank You! I had a blast!!!
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Photo by Tchic CooperDave Bridge

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