Mistresses of Metal Exclusive Interview with Tommy ”Gunn” Scherer of Helldorado

M.O.M: Hi, Tommy. How long have you been playing drums, and do you play other instruments as well?
Tommy: I have been actively playing drums for about 10 years, now. I started playing on a friend’s kit when I was 12, and found I had a knack…but did not actually get courageous enough to actually play until about 10 years ago. I do play some other instruments, just enough guitar and bass to get myself into trouble. I have also recently began tinkering with piano…so we shall see how that goes.
M.O.M: That’s really sweet! So, Helldorado has done really well in a really short period of time. What do you think about how large your following has gotten?
Tommy: I am humbled and flattered at the following we have gotten in such a short time. We haven’t even been a band yet two years, and we already get so much love and support, from not only our region, but literally coast to coast, and even making a global presence. It inspires me to keep being the best I can be.It’s what they deserve. \m/
M.O.M: We know you’re one of the more social personalities in the band, and pretty big on fan interaction. What has been the coolest moment you’ve had with your fans so far?
Tommy: Hard to rank them, but going out of town/state, and having people pick you out of the crowd, and ask for pics and signatures, and it’s your first time in their town, that’s a pretty cool feeling! Too many great moments with the hometown fans to even try to list…they are the best!!!
M.O.M: What is your favorite song to perform live?
Tommy:I love ’em all…how can I pick that? (LOLZ) it’s like choosing a favorite child. I love the songs for different reasons, they all give me different feelings when i play. But ya gotta love BKP ( Brass Knuckle Priest) when the whole band comes in after the intro…feels like we dropped the atom bomb!
M.O.M: We LOVE BKP! Do you have any pre-show rituals to get you ready to hit the stage?
Tommy: oh, yes…i like to crank up my headphones to start absorbing energy, and then I start my pace. stretching the whole body, working the sticks, getting my gameface on, so to speak.
M.O.M: You guys have a few endorsements, now. what companies are backing Helldorado, and how did that come about?
Tommy: A lotta bugging people!!! (LOLZ) We are very fortunate to have companies helping us in our cause, like Rock-N-Roll Gangstar, Project Independent, Schecter Guitars, Sure Fuck Cologne, Fireball Whiskey, and Kronos Customs are all helping us realize our vision. We can’t thank them enough!!!
M.O.M: Those are awesome supporters to have! What has been your proudest Helldorado moment so far?
Tommy: So far, I would have to say our CD Release show for our album, Alcohol Fueled Adreneline, here in Spokane. it was our first headlined show that was considered a sell-out. It was also the first “local” sell-out in that building. \m/
M.O.M: Any seriously great “misadventures” as a band?
Tommy: For fear of future litigations,…let me just say that, every time this group gathers, we never know what we’re in for, but we always have a great time doing it! We REALLY are a band of brothers focused on world domination! The adventures NEVER stop!
M.O.M: Who influences you, both as a drummer, and as a showman?
Tommy: Always, the first will be Tommy Lee- he is the premier showman! as far as drummers go…Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Morgan Rose, Travis Barker, and Vinnie Paul are definitely guys I look up to…and of course, Meytal Cohen! \m/
M.O.M: What is the biggest thing you would like your fans to know about you?
Tommy: That I wouldn’t be any more than some drummer in a basement somewhere without them. Their support and belief means SO MUCH!!! I love them all…and hope to be able to say hi to every single one of them, and thank them for such great times together. Nothing like the rock show! \m/
M.O.M: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us!
Tommy: Thank you for taking the time, and a special thank you for all you guys have done, not only on our behalf, but on behalf of the musicians you rep 365…thank you for helping keep Metal alive! \m/
M.O.M: You are so very welcome, Tommy! You know we are VERY dedicated to you guys!
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Photo by Alan BirdsellTommy Scherer

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