Mistresses of Metal Exclusive Interview with Gabe “The Kidd” Miller of Helldorado

M.O.M: Hi, Gabe! How are you doing tonight?
Gabe: Doing great! How about you?
M.O.M: Fantastic! Ok, soooo…you’re VERY young! Tell us what it’s like to work with guys who have been doing this for a really long time.
Gabe: Honestly, it’s great! I’m only 20, but I have always had an old soul and acted alot older than my age. And when it comes to the music side of things, it’s nice because they have been doing this for awhile, so they can give me advice on what I should and shouldn’t do, what works and what doesn’t, so I’m actually very fortunate.
M.O.M: You went from being Helldorado’s rhythm guitar to lead. What does that feel like, and was it a hard transition for you?
Gabe: It was alot harder in my head than it really was to do. (lol) And we ended up having to get rid of our lead guitarist at the time 3 days before we hit the studio, so I had those 3 days to learn all his solos, and even write a few of my own. At first it was difficult, but when I finally got them down and recorded, I was very happy with the results. I love being a lead player now, and if it wasn’t for that experience of me having to push myself, then I might not be.
M.O.M: How did you hook up with Helldorado?
Gabe: Well, I had been in this band, Boneye, beforehand, and I knew Tommy from his band, 13 Magg, and our lead guitar player at the time from his band, and we were all 3 always playing together, then all broke up around the same time. Then when I saw the Helldorado thing get started, I was really wanting to be a part of it, but I thought it was too late. When I messaged Dust, he said the spot had already been filled, which bummed me out. But then a day later, he hit me up and was like ok, you don’t need an audition, you’re in, and the rest is history. (Haha)
M.O.M: VERY cool! Do you have a favorite Helldorado song?
Gabe: It’s hard to pick, but I would have to say Brass Knuckle Priest has to be my favorite. It just has that heavy, in your face punch, along with the groove, and it’s really fun to play live!
M.O.M: What is your pre-show ritual?
Gabe: I do alot of pacing (haha). It just gets my nerves calmed a bit, and I run through the show in my head. Then about 25 minutes before our set, I will pick up my guitar and warm up my hands till it’s time to get up and play.
M.O.M: You’re only 20. How long have you been playing guitar, and how did you acquire so much skill so fast?
Gabe: I got my first guitar at 10, but didn’t get serious with it until I was about 12, so a little more than 8 years. And I just played so much, it was all I ever wanted to do. I would sit up in my room, listen to a song, then just start figuring out where the notes were and went from there. I have never learned how to read music or anything, always just played by ear.
M.O.M: Impressive! So, the Project Independent tour was going really well, and then you ran into an issue with your back. Do you want to tell your fans exactly what happened, and if you’re ok?
Gabe: Yes, it was going great, and thank God it was actually the last stop on the tour for us. Originally, I was in a car accident about a year ago, and then later my legs started to go weak, and I was getting numbness in my legs and back, so I had back surgery scheduled for the 19th, and we would be back from the tour on the 16th. During the Montana show, we were heading back to our hotel, and i hurt it to the point of being hospitalized. I was in a Montana hospital for a few days, then came back to Spokane for surgery. as of right now, I am feeling much better, still having some weakness in my legs, but with physical therapy, it should come back. I would like to thank everyone who has, and still is supporting me through all of this. My friends, family, and fans have really done alot to help me out.
M.O.M: So, if you could hop back on tour, and play anywhere in the world, where would you like to play?
Gabe: Oh, God, that’s a tough one! (Haha) My two biggest dreams would be to either play at one of the huge European festivals, like Wacken, or Download, but it would also be a dream come true to play main stage at the Gorge Amphitheater here in Washington, cause it’s an AMAZING venue!
M.O.M: What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you since joining Helldorado?
Gabe: Well, there has been ALOT! (Haha) I think playing in front of a packed house for our CD release here at The Knitting Factory in our hometown was really cool, and also being on tour was amazing! Some of the most fun I have ever had!!!
M.O.M: Is there anything you would like your fans to know about you?
Gabe: Just that I really appreciate all the love and support they show us as a band, and how much they have done for us is AMAZING! We wouldn’t be this far without them. And also that I’m VERY approachable and will hang with every single person that wants to talk, or have something signed, etc.
M.O.M: SO cool! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!
Gabe: And thank YOU! It was fun!
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Photo by Jaimie PallusGabe Miller

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