Mistresses of Metal’s Exclusive Interview with Brian “The Beast” Vadnais

M.o.M: Hi, Brian! Tell us a little bit about your musical background.
Beast: Well, I’ve been playing guitar & bass for 13 years now. I’ve been blessed to come from musical blood. My mom was a musician at 14 years old, and I started at 15 years old. Her and I had a band together in Wisconsin for about six years. I’ve been in many bands, both cover and original. I’ve been lucky enough to open for some great national acts, such as Texas Hippie Coalition, Hank III, and Mushroomhead. I love to shred the guitar, that’s my main niche. Although I do sing, I like to let my fingers do the talking. I love all styles of music, and tend to get some kind of different, yet unique, influence from each genre. I’m actually not in any band right now as we speak. My future is uncertain due to moving back & forth. But I’m always on the lookout for any opportunity to be able to contribute to any project and help make as kickass as possible.
M.o.M: You’ve done quite a bit of touring. What’s your favorite city to play in so far?
Beast: I honestly have to say the Twin Cities and Wisconsin music scenes have been a huge part of some of the bestt times of my life! (And yes, I grew up there!), but it’s what I was mainly exposed to, and I’ve met so many talented cats in the northern area. Another fun place was in Vegas, I was 19 and snuck into a blues club, and got to get on stage with a rippin’ band of blues veterans!
M.o.M: Any plans to come back to the Twin Cities any time soon?
Beast: I will be back in the area next spring/summer time. I’m going to look at my musical options while I’m up there and decide whether or not to come back to my hometown roots and make another go up there and see what comes of it, or branch off into the unknown and see where the wind takes me.
M.o.M: You’ve been doing the solo artist thing for awhile. If you were to get back into a band, what kind of band would you be looking for?
Beast: Well,…I’d like to get my music back out there for sure. I had an original band called “Shattered” for a few years in Wisconsin, and we were just getting our foot in the door for some big things going on in the Twin Cities when things suddenly fell apart. I would love to get that going again. It’s metal from my soul…constant rippin’ guitar riffs, insane drums, in the pocket bass, and powerful, understandable vocals. I picture the perfect vocals for this to be a mix of Bruce Dickinson, Phil Anselmo, and Dave Mustaine, if you can imagine that!
M.o.M: Wow! That’s a tall order for a vocalist! You have a decnt amount of original material already. Do you have any plans to record any time soon?
Beast: I have high hopes of it in the near future. It’s been long overdue.
M.o.M: Do you have anything special you do to get yourself ready for a show?
Beast: I do like to stretch, actually. Mostly my fingers and arms, but I do stretch my whole body out for a quick minute or two just to loosen up. I’ve found little things like that can make a difference. Oh, and my neck…for all the hair whippin’ I like to do! (Haha!)
M.o.M: What do you like to do after a show to unwind?
Beast: I like to hang out with the people at the shows a lot of times afterwards. Whether they’re friends or strangers that dig it. For me, mingling with the people who enjoy your music and what you do with it, and the people you inspire, is an honor.
M.o.M: What is the coolest thing that has happened in your music career so far?
Beast: I have a 3 song recording contract in Nashville that I won in a huge talent competition a few years ago. I have yet to use it. But the time is coming soon. That was a pretty cool moment in life!
M.o.M: For sure! Are you saving that up for when the right band comes along, or will you use it to record solo?
Beast: I’m thinking solo, unless I get a solid project going, or get into a solid project by that time.
M.o.M: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Before we go, is there anything you would like your fans to know about you?
Beast: Just that I’m still rockin’, and I’ll keep you all updated on my future plans in music. In te meantime, if ya haven’t checked t out, here’s my facebook link: https://m.facebook.com/the beast. It’s a small showcase of my playing. Hope y’all enjoy it, and I love all Beast fans!!! Thank you, ladies, for your time! Rock on!

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