Mistresses of Metal’s Exclusive Interview With Edmond Themeli

Here is our exclusive interview with heavy metal vocalist Edmond Themeli. We thank you for taking the time to read it and for supporting independent metal musicians around the world.
Mistresses of Metal: Welcome to the United States of America Mond! How are you ?
Edmond Themeli: I’m fine thank you, and yourself?
M.o.M : good thanks, It’s been a year since we last interviewed you, and you have experienced much change since then. The obvious biggest change is that you are now in America. How are you enjoying the United States Mond?
E.T. : Well, First of all, I am enjoying how peaceful and quiet it is, and loving the nature that surrounds me. It is the right environment for an artist and musician to be creative. Besides being a vocalist, I am passionate about herpetology and nature in general, I am also a painter. This environment allows me to do all these things I enjoy so much.
M.o.M: We are very happy for you Mond. during our last interview we spoke briefly about what your plans would be, musically, when you arrived, have any of your plans changed or what are your new plans musically?
E.T.: Currently, I am working on strengthening my vocals, My wife and I recently purchased professional recording equipment, mics, stands, and software so that I can do alot of my vocal work in our home. The plan is now that we are scouting for musicians to collaborate with, and I am seeking musicians to form a local band with as well.
M.o. M: What type of band are you looking to form?
E.T. : I am willing to work with those that play hard rock, classic heavy metal, power metal, and those that compliment my vocal style. I think I will start with cover tunes and as we progress as a band I will go straight to originals. This city needs some metal in its life.
M.o.M :How are you liking the music stores and gear in the US?
E.T.: Well during my younger years, and with my metal head friends in Albania, we grew up isolated in a communist country where Western music was forbidden, by western, I mean anything with American influence. This meant that we had no possibilty of having any chance to hear it. Situations like that would definitely involve prison. After the decline of communism, I was finally able to listen to metal music freely, I am now building my first metal collection of the bands I loved so much but had no access to the hard copies, so I am buying everything I missed out on. I am feeling like a teenager, and fortunate in the fact that my wife encourages it and supports it.
M.o.M: What was it like for you going into the music store and getting your hands on professional, good quality gear?
E.T.: It is very exciting to use professional equipment, professional technology, and recording equipment. I’m loyal to Shure microphones. When a person does not have access to the right tools, it is much more difficult, so I am quite excited about all of it. With English not being my first language, someof it was a bit difficult, but all is running smoothly with that now.
M.o.M: What are you currently recording?
E.T. : Well I have spent the past couple weeks learning the recording equipment and singing covers, I am influenced by Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Sebastian, Bach, Scorpions, and Europe to name a few. I don’t copy them, as I try to be as original as possible, but my music style is heavily influenced by all of them and others as well.
M.o.M: What sub-genre of metal do you prefer to sing?
E.T.: Classic heavy metal.
M.o.M: What are your song preferences lately?
E.T.: I am a fan of clean vocals, but as of lately I am listening to extreme, black, death, funeral doom, and symphonic metal.I am listening a lot of sub-genres.
M.o.M: What are your goals musically right now?
E.T.: Well, now, instead of singing on all the television shows I have appeared on, such as X Factor, and Albanians Got Talent. My goals in the United States, are band driven, whether it be small gigs, or larger venues, the plan is live.
M.o.M: Are you auditioning musicians for collaboration and band formation?
E.T.: Yes, inquiries may be submitted to my management team via Facebook, which is Misi and Cari Mistresses of Metal. Misi Themeli via Facebook, Cari Francisco via Facebook, or my music page Edmond Themeli via Facebook.
M.o.M: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
E.T: I just want to thank everyone who has stood by me on my journey, my fans for their constant continuous support, you all are an awesome group of people for believeing in me. I thank Mistresses of Metal, The Albanian metal heads that have supported me, all the metal heads around the world that have encouraged me with their words of support, Sean and Cari Merrins, special thanks to Eugent Bushpepa for all the collaborations with my wife to get me on stage with you, my family, my mother in law Leeann Pilloud, but my biggest thanks is to my wife, she is a rare kind of special, thank you for believing in my talent, for giving me courage, and for always helping me to make my every dream a reality. I love you madly Mis.
M.o.M: Mond we thank you for allowing us to interview you again. We are proud to work on your behalf and wish you nothing but success. Thanks Mond. Musicians please do not hesitate to contact us as we are now scouting musicians for Mond. © 2015 Misi & Cari Mistresses of Metal

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