Mistresses of Metal’s exclusive interview with Vinny Sky of Dead West

M.o.M: Hi, Vinny! How long have you been singing?
V.S: I’ve been singing for over 25 years. Started in the school choir.
M.o.M: Do you play any instruments as well?
V.S: A little bit of harmonica here and there.
M.o.M: How would you describe your vocal style?
V.S: I would describe it as soulful raspiness. Just like good ole rock n rollers.
M.o.M: That’s an amazing sound! So, Dead West has some pretty exciting things in the works! What can you tell us?
V.S: Well, first, we are looking at getting back into the studio to work on our final mixes, which will be happening in a few weeks. Then after the first of the year, we’re looking at booking some shows and getting out there and playing for all of you.
M.o.M: When are you hoping to release the CD?
V.S: It depends on when we get done in the studio, working on the final mixes, but looking around the first part of 2016. You know how studio times go.
M.o.M: Do you have a favorite Dead West song?
V.S: I actually have several. Some are new ones that Brother Roland and I have been working on. My favorite one that most have heard is “Don’t Go Away”. I like it because it was a piece of my life that sticks with me every day.
M.o.M: Both songwriting and performing are such personal experiences for a musician! Do you have anything special you do to get yourself jazzed up for a show?
V.S: I like to walk around and talk with fans before the show. Then I go work on my vocal exercises and warm up my chords with some Blues tunes. That puts me in a zone.
M.o.M: What is the coolest fan encounter you guts have had so far?
V.S: I would have to say the night I flew into Vegas, the day before we started tracking our CD. A couple of ladies met Roland and I at Vamp’d to say hey and ended up chatting with us for hours. They were really nice, and we had a great time meeting them.
M.o.M: What is your favorite venue to play a show?
V.S: Oh, that’s hard to say. There are so many great venues out there! I think it’s the fans that make the venues rock for me. Them rocking it out with us is priceless!
M.o.M: Do you have anything you would like to tell your fans, or anything you would like them to know about you?
V.S: I look forward to seeing them in the new year, with new Dead West material for them to rock out to. So keep your ears peeled and your metal horns up, cuz the boys are coming to ROCK IT OUT!!!
M.o.M: You’re awesome! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. It’s always a pleasure!
V.S: Well, thank you, the pleasure was all mine. You ladies kick ass! So rock it out, and we’ll see you soon!

© 2015 Misi & Cari Mistresses of Metal

Photo by Vinny Sky


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