Musician Spotlight : Damion Royes Vocalist

Today I had the opportunity to speak with one of my favorite metal Vocalists, frontman Damion Royes from one of Ohio’s best metal bands Vengeance Within. Damion is a metal vocal powerhouse, who started singing at the age of 13, while in an all black school where rap music dominated, Damion had something else in mind, and that was hard rock. He played a little guitar in his teens and after while serving in Afghanistan he found his metal calling.
Damion found his metal roots in the Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, and in my favorite, Pantera. Damion also really likes the lyrical content of Megadeth. Damion loves Thrash metal, and the vocal style of Phil Anselmo. Damion learned different styles of singing as he didn’t want to copy any vocalist, but to develop his own style as a vocalist, really embracing the complexity of thrash metal. The new Ep will showcase not only the trash elements of Damion’s voice but also will have some progressive metal, and black metal influence as well. I listened to the new track “Commandments of the Wasteland”, which is the first single off the new EP, and Damion is solid vocally. The new EP will also feature 3 tracks from the first album, and Damion”s vocals bring a fresh, new style to the old. There will be an album release party On December 12, at the Phantasy Concert Club in Lakewood, Ohio. If you want to check out Damion live before then, Vengeance Within will be rocking with some great bands, including Chris Broderick & Shawn Drover (ex- Megadeth), Henry Derek (ex- Scar The Martyr) and Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall) at the Foundry on November 6, 2015. Damion is quite excited about that, as I mentioned previously he is quite a big Megadeth fan. I hope everyone can get down to the Foundry and give Damion some metal love November 6, 2015. Damion went into great depth talking about the Vengeance Within fans, and this is what he said to say about those that mean so much to him and the band, ” Metal is a brother and sisterhood. There is an instant bond, we have that special connection. Our fans are that brother and sisterhood. It feels good to be part of that. Keep metal alive, don’t ever say metal is dying, because it’s coming back with a VENGEANCE! Thank you all for supporting us, playing our music, buying our merch., and coming to our shows. It means a lot to us.”
What I really like about this band not only as a promoter of them, but as a fan is the diversity and oneness of Vengeance Within. I have worked with this band from the beginning and it gives me great joy watching them grow into such a strong metal force in Ohio. They all bring something beautiful to metal. Damion is also a Veteran, having served in Afghanistan, and the Mistresses of Metal hold our Vets close to our heart and raise money to support them. Cari and I thank you Damion for your service.
Damion told me that Vengeance Within is “the best group of talented musicians, not only are they talented, but they are my good friends, not just a band, we help each other, and these guys are a perfect group of guys to work with.”
Here is the first song off the new EP “Commandments of the Wasteland”, I hope you enjoy it as much as the Mistresses of Metal do:
Damion, we thank you for taking the time to let us spotlight you and your vocals \m/
Damion: Thank you and Cari for all you do for local musicians and for Vengeance Within \m/
© 2015 Misi & Cari Mistresses of Metal

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